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The  Sacred  Honor  Society was  established  to  honor  great  Americans  that  speak  the  Truth  reqardless  of  the  consequences.    That  is  the  only  way  to  preserve  liberty and  Keep  our  Republic..


If you  would  like  to  nominate  a  great  American for  consideration  please  email  their name  and  why  you  think  they  should  be  considered.  .

Thank you

Thank  you  to  all  the  as  yet  unrecognized  Americans  who  speak  the  Truth  everyday  in  their sphere  of  influence.    It  matters!

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Isaac Yi


Isaac Yi a Turning Point USA organizer wanted to have a discussion about how to protect students in his High School and invited  Kyle Kashuv the Parkland student to give a pro-gun talk and didn’t take no for an answer when his school said it was too controversial! 

Candace Owens


Candace Owens is fearless.  Willing to speak the Truth and take the heat for it.  She lead Turning Point USA for many years to give students a chance to hear an alternative view from the government run school agenda.  She also coined the term Blexit to "free" black voters from the decades-long grip of the Democratic Party

Sheriff Bob Songer


Sheriff Bob Songer stood up and declared that he would NOT enforce the Unconstitutional I-1639 law passed in 2018 that infringes on the 2nd Amendment Rights of 18 - 21 year-olds among other egregious infringements.

Chief Loren Culp


Chief Culp was the first executive Law Enforcement Officer that declared he would NOT be taking away anyone's 2nd Amendment Rights as demanded by I-1639.  Period.

Dave Bray


Dave Bray made Patriotism Cool Again with his rendition of The Star Spangled Banner that captures the fighting for Freedom spirit witnessed by Francis Scott Key during the battle of Fort McHenry in 1814.  His 

"Music on a Mission" 

available at

is a unique collection of patriotic songs with a message sure to effect the culture of this great Country for the better.

Shahram Hadian


 Shahram Hadian got a "little smoke on him" for traveling around the U.S. speaking the “Truth in Love” about critical issues facing our nation.  A Christian pastor and former Muslim, he was born in Iran and came to America at the age of 7 to escape an oppressive Islamic regime. He is a proud US citizen. He committed his life to Jesus Christ in 1999.  Shahram has served his community as a pastor, police officer, teacher and coach and was a candidate for WA State Governor in 2012. Shahram speaks to various groups around North America, including legislators, law enforcement, civic groups, churches, and concerned citizens.  

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Michelle Malkin


Michelle is fearless, willing to call out the liars, cheaters & wrongdoers with an appropriate sense of Moral Outrage exposing those who would sell out their Country for money or power.  Currently exposing the Soros Cabal in their efforts to weaken national security and undermine the ability of Americans to Self Govern.  Michelle has taken the slings and arrows and hatred thrown at her by the Left over the years.  You could say Michelle "got a little smoke on her!"   

Tom Homan


Tom Homan, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting Director robustly dismantles efforts by certain unhinged members of Congress to mislead the American public bringing sanity into what has be come a circus in the House Judiciary Committee of late by boldly demonstrating the emperor has no clothes by simply stating obvious facts.

Jenny Beth Martin


Jenny Beth Martin has been the National Organizer for the Tea Party Patriots since its inception where everyday Americans had had enough of their tone-deaf federal government and spilled out on the streets in frustration where we found out we were not alone.  Jenny Beth has taken her roll as National Organizer seriously and taken on the most important issues directly and with great passion and love for America and the people in it. 

Glen Morgan


Glen Morgan has been a dedicated supporter of the Second Amendment since before he was a teenager in the 80s.  The first article he wrote in his high school paper was to oppose the 1986 national assault weapons ban.  As a student at Columbia University, Glen became president of the College Republicans on campus. The first activity he organized was to bring the NRA to campus to discuss the 2ndAmendment.  He also wrote articles in the college paper opposing gun control laws Glen was an intern at the 2nd Amendment Foundation in 1992. 

While Glen has been very politically active in a lot of constitutional issues over the past decade in Washington State (mostly related to property rights), defending the second amendment is always a priority.  Last year, He fought against a terrible anti-gun initiative funded by local billionaires and Bloomberg (I-1639).  He travelled the state to debate the paid anti-gun activists (in some cases actually convincing a few editorial boards to write anti-1639 statements), and he also filed pro-se ballot-title challenges in court and assisted in a lawsuit which ultimately failed to derail the anti-gun effort, but which stands today as a documented part of history.

Glen currently writes articles about local government corruption on his website at  He is considered a hero by many in Washington State for holding government accountable to the people who are busy working at their jobs.  Glen has given up lucrative opportunities to do this kind of work. It is a labor of love for him and a good stroke of luck for us.  Thank you, Glen!

Rick Green


Rick Green is a recovering politician from Texas as he is fond of saying.  Indeed Rick was a Texas State Rep for a number of years but in his heart he knew that just holding that position was not going to help everyday Americans return to a solid understanding of America’s founding principles and why they are critical to “keeping the Republic”.  His love for America and the men and women who gave everything for it was so deep that he vowed to live his life as if his Country depended on it!  

Today Rick tirelessly travels the Country giving talks and tours of historic sites in addition to talking about how America’s Christian heritage plays a central and indispensable roll in why America is an exceptional nation among nations on with David Barton.  Rick’s passion and love for the Author of Liberty is obvious and infectious.  His love for his fellow Americans is on display when you meet him and as clear a reflection of the Holy Spirit as can be found in these United States.

In a society who’s leftest and atheistic elements are determined bury America’s connection to God, Rick continues to produce videos and documentaries that clearly show that connection for the next generation to follow.  Those inspired youth are then encouraged to put those principles to work in a simulated House of Representatives session in an actual House chamber with his Patriot Academy.  Find out more at   

Rick  often  tells  the  story  of  the  scene  of  the  signing  of  the  Declaration of  Independence that  the  Founders  knew  when  they  pledged  their  Lives,  Fortunes  &  Sacred  Honor  in  support  of  that  document  they  were signing  their own  death  warrant  should  they  lose  the  subsequent contest  given  they  were  committing  treason  against  the  crown  and staring  down  the  mightiest military  on  the  planet.  Rick  reminds  us  that  today  we  do  not  have  to  commit  treason  against  the  crown  as they  did  or  lose  everything they had  including  their  very  lives  as  many  did.    Today  the  highest  Law  of  the  Land  is  on  the  side  of  Liberty.    We  are  only  asked  to  give  a  little  of  our  lives  (our  time)  a  little  of  our  fortune to  good  causes such  as Patriot  Academy  and to  speak  the  Truth  regardless  of  the  consequences.  (our  Sacred  Honor)  The  Sacred  Honor  Society  was  inspired  in  part  due  to  this  teaching  by  Rick  Green!


Thank  You  Rick  for  fearlessly  speaking  the  Truth  about  our  history  into  this  sea  of  Chaos  we  find  our  Country  adrift  in  today.  The  tide  does  appear  to  be  turning.





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